Automating Medical & Scientific Literature Search, Review & Authoring

Voody is a semi-automated platform that enables the researchers to search, filter, author, review, and publish scientific and medical documents. Voody’s machine-assisted document processing and information extraction combined with seamless integration of PubMed reduce cognitive overload for researchers up to 70%. Voody’s automated information source citing and linking to the context document eases the review process for researchers. Integrated QC module in VOODY provides fast and easy validation of the document before publishing. Voody also provides a single searchable repository of all the documents that are produced through this process.

Core Features

Integrated Repositories

Integrate PDFs directly from your local disk or connect repositories such as PubMed for information extraction.

AI/NLP Features

NLP assisted article shortlisting, Automated article gathering, Linking cross-references to exact pages & paragraphs, Recommending text snippets for sub sections, along with Automated reference tracking.

Integrated QC

With a fully integrated QC workflow, clear your questions or add suggestions within the document itself without leaving the platform


Let your organization leverage your hard work. Make the latest version easily available via a hyperlink on a secure platform.

Cost Effectiveness

With Voody, SLR is no more expensive or time consuming. Guaranteed increase of productivity up to 70% for 80% less cost.

Work Flow

Document Ingestion

Voody used a computer vision based machine learning model to understand the documents and create a searchable index. It also comes with an inbuilt crawler to help users to assimilate contents from a website.

Semantic Search

Our search is semantic in nature as opposed to a token based search. So even if the questions asked does not have the exact token, Voody will identify the documents of interest and highlight the portions of the document which contains the answer.

Machine Comprehension

We have developed a robust machine comprehension module which will extract the exact answer for the user queries. This module is built on the google Bert vectors and further refined to make it fast and scalable.

Search Spaces

The search space module of Voody will allow the users to structure their documents for each trial and also manage the user rights. The users will be able to collaborate on a single search space as a contributor or an analyst.

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