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Chatbots are now being widely used for patient engagement, patient recruitment and faster clinical trial enrolment. Voody Our Conversational agent is a conversational agent framework which will help all participants of clinical trials to retrieve information they need. Patient enrolment has remained a major challenge for pharmaceutical companies who are conducting clinical trials. Even patients who have the intend to join a trial due to a critical illness finds it extremely difficult to collect information and processes involved in enrolling into a trial. Our conversational agents will mine clinical trial data from centralised portals like clinicaltrials.gov and combine it with a knowledge graph about specific conditions so that patients could seamlessly interact and enrol into a trial.

Trial Information

This framework will collect information from multiple portals about clinical trials and bring them together into a single searchable graph DB which will power the conversation between the patient and the BOT.


This framework will provide options for the patients to identify the trials that will help them to get the best experimental care based on the conditions and will enable the enrollment an easy task.

Health information

Patients will be continuously provided with information about their condition through the framework which will act like a 24X 7 call center.


The conversational framework will keep the patient engaged during the trial by updating him about the trial developments and progress.