Apple Research & Care Kit

Doctors around the world are using iPhone to transform the way we think about health. Apps created with ResearchKit are already producing medical insights and discoveries at a pace and scale never seen before. That success has inspired Apple to widen the scope from medical research to personal care with the introduction of CareKit — […]

Conversational Agents In Clinical Trials

Patient enrollment has remained a major challenge for pharmaceutical companies who are conducting clinical trials. Even patients who have the intend to join a trial due to a critical illness finds it extremely difficult to collect information and processes involved in enrolling into a trial. This blog presents the possibilities of building a conversational agent […]

Introduction to Response Adaptive Randomization (RAR)

Author: Genpro Biostatistics Team Randomization have proven to be an efficient way of reducing bias and thus is widely used in clinical trials. Randomization ensures that subject allocation is balanced across treatment group and is not influenced by external forces and thus provides equal chances for subjects to receive the treatment of interest as they are […]