Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) helps the clinicians, patients, payers, and governments to make evidence-based healthcare decisions with effective value demonstration.The value demonstration through HEOR includes not only clinical data from the trials, but also real-world evidence focusing on costs, quality of life and patient preferences like aspects associated with the product. It allows to neutrally assess benefits and risks associated with a particular product/service. HEOR can be applicable to drugs, medical devices, or health system interventions.

HEOR services

Our expert HEOR team can help you better understand your product’s or service’s value for its effective pricing and market access. With robust research methodologies and state-of-art IT and analytics support, we ensure robust, real-word evidence generation and insights for global clientele. Our multidisciplinary team brings to the table a unique blend of expertise that is most suitable for the process of shared decision making and multi-criteria decision making which is crucial for HEOR and HTA domains.

Our service portfolio includes

Health Economic Evaluation

We provide pragmatic evaluation regarding healthcare costs associated with any product/services and its clinical and socioeconomic impact through our HE evaluation services.

Landscape Analysis

 No matter howsoever strong your competitors, we provide up-to-date landscape analysis to effectively determine value-based market access strategy.

Patient-centric Services

Genpro team understands the paramount importance of patient values and preferences in healthcare research and practice.We help our clients to adopt patient-centric approach in their clinical care decisions and clinical research studies.

Real World Analytics

Our multidisciplinary, talented HEOR writing taskforce is well-equipped with the required knowledge, skills and advanced tools to pragmatically understand our client needs and delivery the best quality of value communication solutions.

HEOR Publications


Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is a multidisciplinary policy analysis of health technologies that aims to assess clinical, economic, and social implications of a new or existing health technology. As defined by World Health Organization (WHO), health technology is an umbrella term covering drugs, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, and health system interventions. HTA recommendations inform the decisions regarding reimbursement, healthcare coverage and access, and value-based alternative payment.


Additional applications of HTA also include but not limited to innovation uptake, technology diffusion, or even resource prioritization at government/private healthcare organization’s level.

HTA Services

Our dedicated team for HTA operations possesses in-depth knowledge about technical nitty-gritty of HTA methodologies and report structures depending on the context. Thus, we are committed to provide tailored solutions for HTA in both public health and private healthcare perspectives.
  • Early HTA
  • Needs assessment
    • Horizon scanning
    • Topic Identification
    • Companion Diagnostics
  • HTA protocol development
  • HTA for public health
  • Hospital-based HTA
  • Evidence to policy translation projects

Capacity building for HEOR and HTA

We are keen to encourage enthusiastic stakeholders to play a vital role in development of HEOR/HTA ecosystem of the country. Our learning initiatives have successfully trained thousands of national and international pharma and MedTech professionals, government employees, regulatory agencies on basic fundamentals of HEOR/HTA and advanced, contextual insights.

We can provide training programs on following topics or even can help design customized capacity building program for HEOR or HTA domains:

  • Research Methodology
  • Guideline development out of HTA evidence
  • HTA overview
  • Writing an HTA report for Government
  • HTA submissions

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