AI & Machine learning

Genpro makes it simple for pharmaceutical companies to realize the real potential from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML). We support Sponsors and CROs to build, adopt, utilize and implement competent AI & ML solutions that drive better research outcomes. Our data driven models have improved clinical insights, revenue cycle management, and patient care.

Natural Language Processing

Genpro provides Natural Language Processing services for clinical trial analysis, effective trial design, optimization, site selection and competitive intelligence. We help sponsors to unearth the hidden inside which is buried in the unstructured data. Voody, our cognitive search and extraction tool helps sponsors to ingest documents and extract structured data like adverse events, genes, drug interactions etc. This will also help the sponsors to collect real world evidence from the open unstructured publications.

Product Development

Our product development team have expertise building advanced tools for sponsors to meet their unique trial needs. We have developed products for enterprise search, data visualisation, data submissions, TFL automation, data anonymization and automated SDTM mapping.

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