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Our products use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing to automate some of the time-consuming manual processes involved in clinical research, drug and device development, and various stages of product life cycle.
MaiA is a semi-automated platform that enables the researchers to search, filter, author, review, and publish scientific and medical documents. MaiA’s machine-assisted document processing and information extraction combined with seamless integration of PubMed reduce cognitive overload
MOSS is a clinical data analysis and visualisation tool which makes use of Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning algorithms to automatically translate a natural language (English) question from a clinician to a structured database query. MOSS will then render the output in an aesthetically appealing form
SUBX is an intelligent submission tool developed by Genpro that help sponsors to better prepare for their NDA/PMDA submissions. As Sponsor is preparing for their NDA submission, it is critical for them to verify the content and validity of the dataset folder per the FDA submission requirements. Datasets must meet the

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