Big Data Analytics


Genpro provides clinical data visualization dashboards and drill down reports to help sponsors to monitor their clinical and safety data. We can provide sponsors with web based dashboards to monitor their clinical data including tabular and graphical reports from a single database or across multiple databases. Some of the data sources that we work with include EDC data records, Clinical data repositories, PK/PD data, Patient safety profiles along with real world events and outcomes.

Work Flow


Genpro provides clinical operational analytics solutions which will help the sponsor to measure and monitor your clinical trial parameters on a daily basis. These solutions will consolidate disparate data sources associated with the trial into a Hadoop based big data ecosystem and uses tools like TIBCO Spotfire and Tableau to provide operational insights. Some of the trial insights that we could provide include Patient Enrollment at Trial Site Level, Adverse Event Monitoring and Reporting, Protocol Deviations and Patient Compliance, Monitoring visit progress and Data Management Progress across sites.


Genpro has ongoing collaborative engagements with various vendors to provide visual descriptive analytics on clinical data. We will help the sponsor to analyze wide range of datasets, and establish results in a easier way to understand format patterns, trends with interaction capabilities, which makes it simple to collect insights from data.Clinical Data visualization can be beneficial for Clinical trial monitoring, Safety and efficacy analysis, CDISC SDTM datasets analysis, Visual analytics for patient safety and  Visual analysis and exploration of longitudinal clinical data.


Genpro has expertise in building statistical models which will provide predictive analytics solutions for clinical trials. These are composed of a variety of statistical techniques from modelling, machine learning and data mining that analyze current and historical facts to make predictions about future events.Some of the benefits of predictive analytics include Classifying and characterization of patient and therapy groups which respond best / worst to treatment. We can also perform  early detection of expected drug effects and drug interactions which will result in  Improvement of clinical trials using real world data. Hypothesis (interpretation) generation regarding unexpected drug effects can also be accomplished.