Mobile Applications In Clinical Trials

As mobile phones have become the primary device used by patients for communication and information retrieval, Clinical Trial industry is also finding areas where mobile applications could be implemented in our efforts to digitally disrupt. Some of the areas where mobile applications could be used include the following.

Medication Adherence

One of the biggest challenges in conducting and offsite clinical trials is making sure that the patients maintain the protocol compliance. Mobile applications has been increasingly used to make sure that the patients are educated and motivated to adhere to specific treatment plans through multimedia presentations, reminders and incentives

M-Health Apps

Disparate data sources in the form of EMR, Fitness Trackers, LIMS etc is one of the biggest challenges in patient engagements. Mobile phones are increasingly used as a medium to integrate these data sources, analyse the data and give informed advice to the patients

Remote Patient Monitoring

Mobile applications has found remote patient monitoring as one of the most compelling use cases. Patients will be able to report adverse events, record patient diaries and ask questions through online chat bots about conditions that they might have

Serious Games to identify conditions

Development kits like Apple m-Health help programmers to develop mobile applications which will help patients to identify conditions like Parkinsons through game applications. Not only does this help patients to identify conditions but it also augments their recruitment to the corresponding trials.

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