Data Management

Data Management

Statistically Sound Data – The perfect Paradigm to state the relevance of Data Management.

A dedicated team of Data Managers and EDC Developers with a median experience of 8 years sure compliance and completeness Our team helps you optimize your clinical studies, regulatory submissions, and overall clinical development plans.

With our team, you can avail services like: 

  • Custom Case Report Form designing following SDTM standards  
  • Programming and testing for data validation 
  • Data entry, cleaning and query management  
  • Database design, development, and maintenance Security, Storage and Transfer 
  • Integration, validation, and verification of electronic data from external Sources  
  • Management and consulting for Serious adverse events (SAE)
  • Implementing CRF data management and incorporating local lab reference ranges 
  • Selection of Electronic Data Capture and end-user training 


Data Monitoring (DM) Listing

Identify and correct raw data more efficiently through a comprehensive view delivered by our team capable of providing listings such as:

  • Data Management listings 
  • Medical Monitoring listings  
  • Coding listings  
  • Reconciliation listings 


Use these listing methods to identify and rectify: 

  • Data issues 
  • Inconsistency and overlapping of records spreads across multiple datasets  
  • Issues related to safety and integrity of subjects  
  • Discrepancies found in coded terms  
  • Inconsistencies or discrepancies found in EDC data and vendor data 

Database Creation

Our adept database programmers would convert a final protocol into live EDC in a shorter time period preserving the quality and integrity of the data. 

Our EDC capabilities include: 

  • Medidata for Rave™, 
  • DataTrak,  
  • Oracle RDC 
  • Medrio 
  • OpenClinica 


Edit check programming

We have a new tool for Data Management that can keep track of all your information make sure that every input is correct and identify potential errors in your data.