Advanced Analytics

Accelerating Drug Development with Predictive Modeling and Advanced Analytics

At Genpro Research, we specialize in providing advanced analytics and predictive modeling services for clinical trials. Our team of experts leverages AI technology and data visualization tools to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies gain valuable insights from their clinical data. With our predictive modeling techniques, we can help you optimize your trial design, identify potential risks and opportunities, and accelerate the drug development process.

Our Advanced Analytics Services Include:

We offer dashboards for the display of clinical data and drill-down reports to assist sponsors in monitoring their clinical and safety data.

AI Enablement

Within Genpro, we have
developed AI-based solutions, that might provide the subject of your research a flavour of the possibilities that AI holds.

We provide clinical operational predictive modelling services that can help you create the optimal trial design by integrating your research data into a big data infrastructure.

CSR Automation

We use our in-house AI systems to convert your Clinical study data to a Clinical study Report that follows FDA guidelines and are on par with international regulatory agencies.

Evidence Generation

Our team has reviewed every challenge faced by medical and health sciences writers during evidence generation and came up with a new approach to resolve them using AI.


We deliver Software as a Medical Device that goes beyond the capabilities of a typical medical device or hardware, allowing all stakeholders, including regulators, to support safe innovation and ensure patient safety.