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    Genpro Research is a next-generation services and technology partner for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices industry.

    Our Products

    Automating Medical & Scientific Literature Search, Review & Authoring

    MaiA is a semi-automated platform that enables the researchers to search, filter,

    NLP Based Clinical Data Visualization

    Clinical data analysis and visualization tool designed to convert Natural Language

    Data Submission Simplified

    Genpro has developed intelligent submission tools that help sponsors to

    Our Services

    Statistical Programming

    We deliver consulting services in the areas of Biostatistics, Statistical programming, FDA interactions and Regulatory interactions. At Genpro we have an experienced and dedicated team of developers with detailed knowledge of all phases across the drug development spectrum.


    Genpro offers expert consulting services on complex statistical issues encountered during study design or analysis. We provide guidance in incorporating and analysing the effectiveness of statistical methodologies in clinical trials with a great deal of expertise in adaptive designs and Bayesian analysis.

    Medical & Scientific Writing

    Genpro Medical & Scientific Writing (MSW) is a trusted partner for a wide array of regulatory and medical writing services for Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, and Medical Device domains. Our experienced writers can work effectively cross-functionally and across different geographies.

    Real World Evidence

    Our cutting-edge IT infrastructure blended with expert RWE writing support ensure the optimal RWE generation with robust data capture tools. Our RWE experts provide turnkey solutions with actionable real-world insights (RWI) rendering both enhancement in existing scientific knowledge for

    Clinical Development and Medical Services

    Our Development and Medical Services team brings industry-leading knowledge and expertise to design, plan and implement innovative, patient-centric solutions for drug and device development. We believe in collaboration, understanding client’s goals and expectations..


    Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) helps the clinicians, patients, payers, and governments to make evidence-based healthcare decisions with effective value demonstration.The value demonstration through HEOR includes not only clinical data from the trials

    Clinical Data Management

    Genpro offers an experienced team of clinical data managers and clinical data coordinators who comes with a life science background. They are trained in ICH/GCP as well as CFR PART 11 guidelines. Genpro has extensive experience in various EDC tools and provides EDC setup services to different phases of

    Strategic Consulting

    Genpro provides strategic consulting services in regulatory submissions, data submissions and early stage studies.Our expert pool of statisticians, regulatory experts and Submission specialists will help our clients at every stage of the trial.

    Natural Language Processing

    Genpro provides Natural Language Processing services for clinical trial analysis, effectivetrial design, optimization, site selection and competitive intelligence. We help sponsors to unearth the hidden inside which is buried in the unstructured data. Voody, our cognitive search and extraction


    Genpro makes it simple for pharmaceutical companies to realize the real potential from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML). We support Sponsors and CROs to build, adopt, utilize and implement competent AI & ML solutions that drive better research outcomes. Our

    Software Development

    Our product development team have expertise building advanced tools for sponsors to meet their unique trial needs. We have developed products for enterprise search, data visualisation, data submissions, TFL automation, data anonymization and automated SDTM mapping.

    Big Data Analytics

    Genpro provides clinical data visualization dashboards and drill down reports to help sponsors to monitor their clinical and safety data. We can provide sponsors with web based dashboards to monitor their clinical data including tabular and graphical reports from a single database or across


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      Big Data And Analytics

      “Employing Big Data and Operational Analytics on Clinical Data gave us very insightful perspectives about the trial”

      Director, Digital Innovations, UK based CRO


      Data Management

      “Exposure to trials all the way from paper CRF to state of the art EDC systems makes the group process compliant”

      Director, Data Management, US Based Device Manufacturer


      End To End Support

      “Deep statistical understanding of trial design and highly competent programmers is what makes this group unique”

      Director Biostatistics, USA Based CRO

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