Biostatistics Case Study #02: To study the difference in the impact of Unblinded and Blinded Sample Size Re-estimation (SSR) methods when there is uncertainty regarding the actual effect size

Author: Genpro Statistics Team Multiple imputation is highly recommended as a valid method for handling missing data. It eliminates the disadvantages of reduction in statistical power and under estimation of standard errors in single imputation. SAS, an established software having robust tools, and R, an open-source software where users can develop packages, differ in various […]

Biostatistics Case Study #01: Interim Analysis using Adaptive Randomization

Adaptive randomization refers to any scheme in which the probability of treatment assignment changes according to assigned treatments of patients already in the trial. The covariate adaptive randomization (CAR) is usually used instead of pure randomization to reduce the covariate imbalance between treatment groups in clinical trials. Allocation probability for the covariate adaptive randomization is […]